Federico Carrone


After working for more than 10 years as a tech lead, developer, system administrator, tester, QA engineer and teacher, I decided to work as a freelancer. If you think I can help you I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at federico.carrone@gmail.com.

Work Experience


Developer. Designed, estimated, implemented, maintained, tested new and stablished products for startups. Worked mostly on the backend and the administration websites.

Technologies: Erlang, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL.


Tech Lead. Designed, developed and lead bootstrapped startup. Managed and trained development teams. Interpreted technical requirements of our clients and executed the corresponding recruitment. Provided constant technical support for developers and system administrators of the company.

Technologies: Ruby, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis.

Previous work experience


Apart from developing, one of the things I like the most is writing. You can read my latest discoveries or opinions at my blog.

This is not a Monad tutorial

Programming languages, operating systems, functional programming, distributed systems, databases, parsers and compilers design and implementation are some of the main topics I am interested in computer science. Each day there is something new to learn about them. It is very common for me that after testing some piece of software, operating system or programming language I have questions that I would like to ask their creators. That is what I do at This is not a Monad tutorial. I ask questions and other developers answer them.



Gut is a template printing/scaffolding tool implemented in Erlang. It is like rails generate or yeoman.

Indie languages

I like playing around with new and obscure programming languages. This project helps me with that task. It parses linguist repository information to extract which are the latest languages detected by Github.


Most of Argentina's web radio players depend on flash. That is why I created radioelm, a radio player implemented with Elm, Erlang, Django and Docker.


Simple program writen in Go that watches a directory and runs a command every time a file inside the directory changes.


An Emacs distribution distribution with sane keyboard shortcuts.